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          I am in the process of writing a book about the 47th Missouri Infantry Regiment.  They enlisted as a six month regiment.  At the time of the formation of the 47th Missouri the draft was going on.  If you were between the ages of eighteen and forty-five you had to register for the draft.  Many men flocked to enlist to keep from being sent to Missouri regiments still fighting in Georgia or Tennessee or other places in the South.  Many of the men who enlisted had prior service.  Even if you had been discharged for disability and could pass a physical you were subject to be drafted.  Some of the men who enlisted in this regiment had sympathies with the South and joined regiments like the 47th Missouri to keep from fighting against the Confederacy.  Not knowing that they  would be fighting for their lives in a few short days.

          After being mustered into service on September 11, 1864, in less than nine days members of Company A, were involved in the burning of Doniphan, Missouri.  Members of Company E, after only fifteen days in the service, were fighting General Price’s army in Ironton, Missouri.  After only being in the service for sixteen days, Company’s A,E,F,G,H and I were involved in their first major battle of the war, Defense of Fort Davidson.  These companies were then on the retreat from Fort Davidson to Leasburg, Missouri. 

          One of the reasons that I am interested in writing the history of this regiment is that some of the men and officers who served in the 47th Missouri Infantry Regiment also had prior service in the 31st Missouri Infantry Regiment.  I am the author of a book about the 31st Missouri Infantry Regiment and to me it is like writing the continuation of service for some of the men in the 31st Missouri.  The Colonel of the 31st Missouri Infantry Colonel Thomas C. Fletcher also served as Colonel of the 47th Missouri Infantry.  Captain James S. McMurtry, Company H 31st Missouri Infantry became Captain of Company A, 47th Missouri Infantry.  Private James Brown who served in Company D, 31st Missouri Infantry later enlisted in Company A, 47th Missouri Infantry.  And there are several more who had served in both regiments.

          I am seeking information on the men of the Regiment.  If you would be willing to send me a copy to share with others, please send them to me. 

          I am seeking the following information to include:

              PICTURES (in uniform or civilian)   

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